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Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Monika Torokne Nagy

Monika has over 20 years of experience in national and international marketing. She has trained her professional lioness's claws as marketing and communications director for global brands such as Telenor, Vodafone and has also worked as a manager at Microsoft. Her greatest communications success was at Samsung, where she led 11 countries in South Eastern Europe, managing all marketing and communications as well as CSR.

She was involved in the repositioning of the entire Samsung brand internationally, during which time Samsung became one of the world's most successful companies and a leading advertiser. This is evidenced by the 27 awards won in Cannes in 2015 and the 29 awards in Cannes the following year (officially making the company Advertiser of the Year). Monika has been involved in Olympic and FINA campaigns and has been responsible for the launch of several flagship products (Galaxy S6 edge, SUHD TV, Add Wash washing machine, etc.). In addition, she is the only local professional to have the most prestigious recognition in the international communications profession: the proud owner of 3 Cannes Lions.

After her years at Samsung, she was no longer challenged by "marketing jobs" in Hungary, so she decided to use her knowledge to benefit Hungarian SMEs and help them grow by founding Meraki.