visual marketing

Colorful and informative video content for the communication
of brand image and corporate activities.




Whether you have a start-up business or a company with a solid track record, we are sure that the time will come when you would like to present your scope of activities quickly, efficiently, and clearly. Video format advertising still seems to be a very expensive form of communication that is unreachable for small and medium-sized enterprises. However, these days, a marketing campaign does not work without video content. This is where videos, and of course, our team comes in handy! Whether it is branding or videos presenting customer experience, you can rely on us as we help in a cost-efficient way and always according to current marketing goals!


Today, there is a lot of cinematographic content on the social media platform of every company. These are videos of 5-20 seconds that either present the products of a company or only create an atmosphere. Our specialty is efficiency when we are helping you implement video content into your marketing plan. We undertake the design and production of videos that are easy to be envisaged, however they can be realized with a small filming effort or without filming, from photos with animations. We are pleased to consider launching a series of videos or channels as we believe that predictability and regularity have a branding effect.


Whether you need video content for a company event or online events, you can rely on us! You would not believe how many ways we can help you strengthen your team with video content- from funny personal ones to informative ones, videos help lighten the mood.
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Enter the world of 1%
with audiovisual marketing!

Brand positioning Distinctiveness Emergence Targeted reach

Let your company be the protagonist!

With a good video, you can present not only the professionality of your company, service, or product in a short time, but you also provide experience and you can evoke emotions in viewers, thus creating or increasing their commitment. What we can help you with is delivering a message that is important to you in a format as concentrated as possible, by selecting the appropriate genre, and on the appropriate platform. It is not a question anymore that we often understand the language of movies better than written text. This is one of the reasons why video content is popular and essential for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Brand positioning in a simple way
Only a few companies introduce themselves with audiovisual appearance. For this reason, they have an advantage both in marketing and branding.
Increasing reach
The new digital era is about videos, regardless of platforms. Advertise in a better and more affordable way and build brand loyalty more successfully and quickly!
Workflows made easier
Do you have issues with recruiting, explaining internal workflows, and introducing your values? Think in terms of videos!


We believe that a video is efficient if it is authentic.

Regardless of genre, a good video genuinely delivers messages represented by the activities, employees, and services of the company. We can help you establish the background of this authenticity and find the genre that presents it as effectively as possible – we help you also with high-quality implementation and with interview situations that often seem to be difficult.

At Meraki, we create marketing videos in several genres, from animations to short documentary films. Our work is always preceded by thorough research – we believe that the strength of a good video lies in the background work and in the script developed based on that. This is true for branding films in particular. Our team can also assist in finding the most efficient form, genre, length, and, of course, content of a video together with the customer, about a product or service during a campaign period. In addition to content, implementation is just as important at our company – our video team works together with our graphic artists to create nice and high-quality videos, regardless of content or genre.

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Full Implementation

Our video services include full implementation, from writing the creative concept through production to the realization of the completed video materials or advertising films.

  • Goals and script
  • Post-production
  • Advertisements
  • Company and product presentations
  • Documentaries
  • Animations
  • Podcast
  • Unique content

Goals and timing

When the need for video content arises in the life of a company, three main things need to be considered during planning: the purpose, cost, and timing. As a first step, we have a discussion with our customers on the purpose and target group of the content concerned. Based on this, we recommend creative content in multiple genres and with different budgets, while our professional colleagues develop scripts.


Organizing production requires appropriate post-production regardless of whether it is a filmed, animated, or stock video. Realizing a video or a series of videos takes weeks, part of which are cutting, colorimetric classification, audio post-production, as well as the fine-tuning of subtitles and graphic appearance.


Whether it is a social media appearance or an advertisement broadcasted on TV, you can count on us. We design and produce short or long video content for various use, and always in high quality with extensive experience.


Not every company needs documentary movies, but in some industries, this means one of the possible ways of emergence. The aim of our award-winning colleagues is always to reach the highest quality possible, both from an aesthetic and content-related point of view.

Company and product presentations

We assist our customers’ brand image building and sales activities with diverse audiovisual content production. From short customer satisfaction videos to videos of products and services to the audiovisual appearance of events, we are working to present – as far as and with the highest quality possible – who you are and what you do.


It is often the case that for targeted messages and businesses, or special campaigns, an animated video works best. In any case and any format, we emphasize cost-efficiency, content accuracy, and premium appearance.


Today, one of the most innovative forms of corporate online branding is via podcasts. They allow companies to communicate their activities on a regular basis in a longer format that is meant to be informative and entertaining. Research, production planning, filming, and launching in one place!

Unique content

Every company has its own needs. Our audiovisual team is flexible and able to adapt to any company’s needs as they collaborate with you to make unique content.