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When employees are attracted to your company, recruitment and retention become easier.


Strengthening your employer brand

Employer branding as strategy

You know your company well. But what do employees and outsiders, job seekers and headhunters say about it? You need to take a step back and develop a winning strategy that will result in a coherent, distinctive and attractive Employer Value Proposition - a unique employer brand positioning in front of your competitors.

Employer branding as a set of opinions

The perception of a company as an employer depends on several factors: the most important ones are a transparent and employee-friendly company culture, the opinion of current employees and the company's brand image towards its consumers. These are the building blocks of what employees see and feel.

Employer branding as a multichannel experience

From the first job advertisement to the moment an employee leaves - and sometimes even beyond - workers collect experiences of their workplace and employer. This includes activities that are a daily part of the company culture (such as managing hierarchical relationships, feedback systems, rewards, the nature of the work) and the organisation of less frequent or annual events (such as team buildings, CSR activities, charity work, Christmas parties or recognition of an employee, and celebrations of company achievements).

The marketing tools of employer branding

All tools used for product advertising campaigns can also be incorporated into the employer branding toolbox: films, graphics, online tools and solutions, games, events, etc. The only limit is the imagination - but it is important that in times of labour market stress, this imagination be allowed to run wild and deliver demonstrable results.

No two companies and employer brandings are the same

Strategy Idea Implementation Results

We will find the soul of your company together, and package it in the most attractive way

It's our job to get jobseekers see your company as the best place to work. No other employer should be considered.

It's also our job to convince people who already work for you that their former choice is the right one. With our help you can engage in activities and communications that will make your recruitment and retention activities exemplary.

We know this is not an easy task. But our approach is built on a blend of curiosity, questioning, experimentation, presenting bold ideas, honesty, and a belief in working together and then rejoicing at the results.

Together we can achieve so much more. From our side, we delegate proven professionals and practices to achieve your employer branding goals, enabling you to achieve your objectives.

Trendelemzés az eredményhez
We assess your brand position as an employer through interviews and data from you.
Tartalommix a teljességhez
We identify your Employer Value Proposition.
Tökéletesség a szövegképben
We offer a creative action plan to achieve your objective

The advantages of a strong employer brand

Today, almost no company, large or small, can afford to let the opinions about it be formed spontaneously. For decades, PR departments have been making sure that companies are presented in the best possible light.

The same is true for the employer brand. The digital world, which is always available, easy to access and monitor, also leaves employers' reputations intact. Employers cannot hide, they are also competing in the marketplace as workplaces. Therefore in an age of transparency it is increasingly valuable and important to have effective employer branding.

Employer branding, if done well, will reduce recruitment costs as there will be less turnover. In addition, like product communication, it strongly differentiates the employer from the competition. Last but not least, by listening to and reflecting on employee feedback, you can  create a likeable, engaging company culture.

Tartalom. A-tól Z-ig.

Employer branding done effectively.

Award-winning solutions, dedicated professionals.

2 HRKomm Gold Awards (for internal communication and recruitment), 1 HRKomm Silver Award (for recruitment), 1 HRBEST Gold award (for recruitment).

We are currently building several of our clients‘ employer branding activities.