We create your complete marketing strategy personalized to
your needs and objectives as we work together to reach your goals.


The most important channels and tools for your strategy


AdWords, PPC, social media are in the right place. With the help of our carefully designed digital campaigns, we help you reach the business goals you have determined and set.


The production and publication of high-quality and diverse content complying with today’s digital requirements contribute to building your brand and increasing your web traffic. By creating a proper content marketing strategy you are investing in your business’s long-term growth.


Using traditional and new-wave PR tools, we help you build and maintain your business’s reputation in the press.

Strategy that stands its ground.

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Your Marketing Strategy is a core document, a precise plan that defines steps required to reach your specific business goals. This summary aids your company in reaching your target market and converting prospects into sales.
Even the best leaders can bring out the best in their team only by following a precisely designated path.
Monika Török
With the help of strategy-related market research, you will have deep knowledge of your target market.
Well-designed and well-implemented steps have good results that all in all mean extra profit to you.
Whether it is a new service of yours or the renewal of one of your old products, you will always know what the next step is.


A complex marketing strategy is a fundamental condition for the more successful presence and operation of a company.

Answering the questions of: “where from”, “where to”, and “how” is the factor that helps appropriately allocate resources to be efficient in reaching your goals.

Several factors need to be considered during the creation of a strategy, and extensive market-research and knowledge are required for its establishment. With the help of MERAKI’s professional team, we help you outline the path leading to success, and we show you how you can acquire, keep, and encourage your target group to convert.

Full Implementation

Our designers make sure that every
activity assists you in reaching pre-set goals.
  • Goals
  • Situation analysis
  • Target group
  • Value proposition
  • Competitors
  • Channels and tools
  • Metrics
  • Budget


Setting fundamental objectives is the most important part of creating your plan, meaning that we define what we would like to reach.

Situation analysis

During situation analysis, we map the external and internal status of the company, getting to know the possibilities available and risks that need to be faced.

Target group

A cornerstone of marketing strategy is the target group, namely who is targeted with a specific product or service. This way, you can pay attention only to those who matter.

Value proposition

We define the value that you create for customers, so that your messages clearly represent that.


Your relation to your competitors is an essential part of the strategy. There are positive and negative examples. You can learn from each one.

Channels and tools

With regards to channels and tools, it is always important to consider how to optimize your resources so they do not fritter away.


Instead of figures not having a business value, we focus on data representing real value.


Clarifying and enumerating the financial perspective is essential so that you can get the best solution to the extent possible.