A 360° marketing audit to see what is working
and what you can improve.


Measuring your brand presence


Your website is your primary marketing tool, this is the alpha and omega, everything is built onto this in the digital space. With this in mind, we handle your website audit with high priority. Our goal is to identify critical steps that can help you improve your results in the short, medium, and long term.


Are you using multiple social media platforms? Are you clueless on what, when and how you should post on which platform? We examine your current communication, and make recommendations concerning some default settings, design elements, and content that you probably have not thought of. We always keep what is good, however, there is always room for development.

SEO audit

The most beautiful and most structured websites in the world are worth nothing if no one can find them. They need to be compliant with the SEO requirements of the modern digital world in order to be at the top of search engine pages. In Hungary, outstanding professionals analyze your SEO rankings and measure them against your competitors to create an actionable plan with measurable results.


The successful communication of your company is a complex system that relies on many separate parts that work together simultaneously. However, the smallest error or a malfunctioning part can ruin the whole thing in a few minutes. Our professionals rely on their decades of experience and skill to review your whole marketing and communication process to identify and improve your channels of communication and overall strategy.

The definition of every new direction begins with a starting point

Situation analysis Dialogue Identifying problems Recommendations Back test

We find the right way

In today’s digital space, there is increasing competition to reach buyers or clients. The gap between success and failure becomes smaller and smaller, and one step in the right direction can even result in a significant increase in income. But we have some bad news! At a certain level, unlimited advertising resources do not provide a solution for stagnated growth. Outstanding results can be achieved only if we utilize the synergy between an SEO-optimized website that has great content and seamless user experience, and the closely related social and marketing channels.
The purpose of the audit is always progress, but sometimes rigorous honesty is also needed for this.
We conduct audits in several fields at the same time as our goal is to create synergy
The goal of the audit is to identify the most important tasks, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.


The main goal of the marketing audit is to reveal the efficiency of a company’s existing marketing strategy.

We have to identify its technical or content-related shortcomings, as well as to map possible directions of development and tasks to be completed urgently.

During a comprehensive marketing audit, we examine the previous and current marketing activities of your customers, we analyze the technical and SEO status of websites with the most up-to-date tools, while our professional social media and copywriter team checks the quality of related platforms.

Marketing audit is typically suitable also to identify existing or potential problems that none of the concerned parties have thought of at the beginning of the process. Generally, it can be stated that sales- or logistics-related difficulties of a company have a direct connection with the malfunction of the central website or communication.

We conduct a complete marketing audit with every new client of ours as a mandatory on boarding step, however, it is also recommended for our existing partners to have an annual audit as well.

Full Implementation

Strict checking for easy working.

  • Website audit
  • Social audit
  • SEO audit
  • Communication audit
  • PPC audit

Website audit

With more than 10 different digital measuring devices, we map the technical capabilities of a website. In tandem with our development team, we identify and determine necessary changes in the order of urgent, optimal, and ideal ones.

Social audit

Our social team reviews recent live content and assesses the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of each social media platform as it pertains to your business.

SEO audit

We do world-class SEO research to assess your brand’s presence in the digital space. We then compare and contrast it to your competitors’ digital reach.

Communication audit

Our marketing consultants review the entire marketing and communication process, ensuring that strategic objectives are met over time and that communication channels are of the right quality, language, and functionality.

PPC audit

We'll scan your advertising accounts against the latest technical criteria to identify gaps, identify problems, and map strengths.