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Est. 2016


Meraki Marketing Kft. is an independent agency that offers complete marketing services to everyone from startups to large enterprises looking to grow nationally and internationally.


Our dedicated and experienced marketing team supports your growth as they tend to all of your communication and marketing needs.
Monika Török
If it were not for Monika, Meraki would not be here. Formerly holding chairs at the tables of well-known multinational marketing and communication companies, Monika left to pursue her own ventures and sit at her own chair in our cozy office in Graphisoft Park. Serving as the captain of Meraki’s ship, Monika stands on board as a mentor and fearless leader. A strong mother of three, Monika has created a powerful and colorful team in both business and her private life.
András Kánai
B2B Creative Director
Our B2B Creative Director, András Kánai has two decades of experience in advertising agencies and half a decade client-side experiences. András is a lifelong student of the world, with a permanent curiosity that makes him tick. He (mostly) spends his nights hunched over books and a laptop: this is the time when his futurologist self produces the frightening or optimistic visions that he often presents in his presentations. He wrote his futurologist book during and after work, which soon will be followed by a sequel.
Tamás Kiskádár
Creative Director
Tamás went from being a journalist at Magyar Narancs to a copywriter at Hungexpo, and then to a creative director at Publicis for twelve years. He later worked at Kirowski and Mito. After almost 30 years in advertising, he teaches and edits (at Tilos Radio). His four children are grown up and his three dogs are old. He and his wife enjoy cycling and occasional hikes and travel.
Dr. Bojána Papp
Movie Branch Manager
Dr. Bojána Papp graduated as a movie dramaturge from the University of Theatre and Film Arts and has worked as a documentary filmmaker, journalist, and TV editor. Over the past twenty years, she won the Hungarian Film Critics’ Awards twice. With this impressive background, Dr. Papp joined the content side of Meraki. During her filmmaking career, she has explored historical and social subjects: incarceration, extreme poverty, refugees, and women. In recent years, she has created branded content focused on portraying both the economic and human face of various brands. Her goal as Movie Branch Manager is to make high-quality advertising films available also to small and medium-sized enterprises. She prefers spending her free time with her two young children and experiencing the world through their eyes.
Márk Tihanyi
B2B Account Director
Our black-belt marketing consultant colleague has lived in England for 10 years, graduated in London as an economist, and has been living in Hungary again for six years, but not alone: he has been living and working together with his girlfriend in digital marketing and social media. Besides loving to work with customers who provide challenging projects, Márk’s main hobbies include fishing, hunting, and rubbing his puppy’s belly.
Adrienn Varga
Business Development Manager
As Business Development Manager, Adrienn Varga has a resumé stacked with 15 years of sales and marketing expertise, with 5 years in strategy-drive visual content production. Her goal is to use individualized marketing strategy, show-stopping content, and razor sharp communication to help our customers shine online. Additionally, Adri’s hobbies include active participation in photo shoots even as a senior model, and her long-term goal is the establishment of MERAKI on international markets, primarily in Finland.
Vera Varga
B2C Account Director
It is not uncommon at our company that someone is an account manager and is extremely creative at the same time. Vera Varga brings her talents to our multifaceted team. Her years spent abroad strengthened her adaptability to changing environments. Vera handles budgets confidently and never misses a deadline either – she is fostered these skills as she worked for multinational corporations. Vera is also our unofficial cookie master (Head of Cookies, and not the Internet kind). She always brings something delicious to every Meraki party- something sweet, something cookie-like, something Vera-like. Her nurturing personality is further illustrated by loving and growing her family: her husband and her son, who’s growing faster and faster.
Bálint Abay
Head of Web
One of the digital wizards and website magicians of our company has traveled the path of Corvinus-Meraki-Microsoft-Meraki. Due to his interest, stature, and knowledge, Bálint coordinates and strategically supports web projects at our company. Outside of the IT world that is close to his heart, he has some unusual hobbies: at home, he has thoughtfully grown bio-dandelion under a DIY lamp for their Greek tortoise, he made an automated water-exchange system for their aquarium and he has been deep in forums looking for the mysteries of coffee roasting. As he says: “With these, I make my little family happy, which is not so little anymore because with my wife, we are now parents to three wonderful children.”
Zsuzsanna Csorba
Our copywriting colleague graduated from the Corvinus University of Budapest with a degree in Communication and Media Studies. She chose the part of the profession closer to letters, which is how she ended up at Meraki. Thanks to her many years of experience as a copywriter, she is a master of SEO texts, social media posts and newsletters. For her, copywriting is a golden key to learning about the world and discovering new things. Zsuzsi is passionate about startups, which is what she wrote her PhD thesis on, and when she's not doing that, she's out hunting for new experiences with her family, friends and her dog, Maya.
Izabella Jámbor
Izabella Jámbor
Marketing Consultant

Iza, our new account manager is not an ordinary person. Shall we elaborate? OK!
When she graduated from a construction school, only 5 out of the 150 students were girls.
For her, event management is not only a profession but also a hobby: her birthday parties are always themed and, like a private club, people queue to get into them.
She loves to communicate and organise, and oh boy, she does it well! She is a firm believer in the power of smiles and people management.
In her spare time, she socialises like a Homo Ludens, focusing on her books, favourite Marvel movies and exciting TV series.

Tamás Mándoki
PPC Specialst
Our renaissance man from Hódmezővásárhely is both a clever copywriter and a lightning-handed PPC campaign manager. Before joining the Meraki team, he was already deeply immersed in the world of digital advertising. He's been writing short stories and poetry since he was a kid, but he's also a fan of music, video games, art, psychology and technology. How can one man have so many interests and curiosities?! We don't know, but we are happy to have Tomi at Meraki and to work with him.
Richárd Mózsi
Graphic Artist
We are rarely shown graphic works, magazine designs and corporate identity manuals that really take our breath away, so it is quite incredible that our colleague, Ricsi does everything to continuously sabotage our respiratory system. His breath-taking graphic designs are influenced by his father who used to be a typographer. It is through his father that Ricsi absorbed the love for designing and editing publications, magazines, and books early in his life. He considers the development of clean, fine details and the design of complex brand appearances as his major strengths (we agree with him). If we happen to leave him in peace in the middle of our multitude of requests, he spends his free time doing sports, exploring forests, playing soccer and being with his family. We know him as a real fan of Marvel and Lego, and it is possible that his everlasting inner child is the extra spice that is the basis of several of his beautiful works.
Szonja Ramocsa
Graphic Artist
Always on the move, Szonja is a colorful personality on our graphic artist team, whose style, rooted in dynamic and extreme ideas, keeps our team and our customers happy. After completing her major in communication and media and spending 4 years at a multinational company, she decided to employ her creativity as a graphic artist while holding onto a ski lift. What a decision! No stopping ever since, as she has enhanced our company’s reputation with her works in newspapers, on websites, and even in social media. Thanks to her parents, one of Szonja’s big loves is sports. Although a few would think that ‘sports’ means surfing, longboarding, and freestyle skiing. Her dog, Kiwi, makes every minute of her life beautiful while she works from home. Kiwi admires her owner’s cooking skills with admiration and envy, as unfortunately, she cannot eat Szonja’s creations. Szonja is an obsessively anti-plastic, loves casserole, whales, salty hair, techno music and Pearl Jam.
Anna Votisky
Marketing Consultant
In Anna's life, 2 is the important number (for now): that's how many decades she has spent in various communications roles in multinational companies and how many children she and her husband are raising. A few more numbers: dozens and 1000 - she has organised events for that many people, but she is also passionate about internal communications, PR and event management. She doesn't flinch at the words backstage or deadline. When time permits - a strong euphemism! - she studies, reads, watches theatre or cinema, but her free time is mostly spent with her family.

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  • “I did not have a chance yet to give feedback on the movies…now I am finally doing it… Today, in the morning silence, I finally had the opportunity to watch all of them…and I have to say that I am impressed, it is a very good job, both on the part of the filming crew and of the actors...”
    Meliora By KOC
  • “I would like to thank everyone in the team once again who was engaged in the brand of WEBARTERY and who put their talent, expertise, and creativity into serving our success recently :)”
  • “We want to thank the Marketing Team of Meraki for the development; I think we have really managed to show something new with this among Hungarian and international websites!”
    Remred Space Technologies