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Even a book with the most beautiful cover is worth nothing
without content, just like your marketing activity.


Target group-specific communication

Sales-focused content production

The wording of your business presentations, company presentations and your website can immediately decide if your B2C or B2B customers take you seriously. Whether it is business documents with a serious tone or lighthearted flyers, we develop them for you.


It is a significant challenge to handle your brand messages and to represent your business toward the press and the public, so you better rely on professionals. Would you like to launch a large traditional media campaign? Would you like to appear regularly in economic papers? Let us handle this task!


Regardless of your business activity, social media presence has become unavoidable. Due to the transforming customer behavior and social practices, appearance and social image creation are mandatory. Plan ahead by supporting online sales and increasing the reach of your content and confidence in your business.


A huge change of recent years is the development and unstoppable expansion of visual content. Unique graphic arts, professional video content, movie shooting in one place, at our company.

Individual content for visibility and
for personalized reach

Style Language Content mix Target communication Content strategy

Know who you are!

We tell others.

From the aspect of content marketing, it is extremely important to understand and communicate your business activity, your services, and your business approach to the public. Competition is constantly increasing in most industries, while the differences between a well-performing and a tumbling business are marked only by little things.

The objective of content marketing is to harmonize the appropriate style with the message based on data and experience and to interpret it for your target groups. Different businesses and industries, different possibilities and forms to make an appearance, while the ideal mix of content is almost always unique. We help you find this.

  • Trend analysis for the result

    We always compile your content with a tone and wording corresponding to your business goals.
  • Content mix for completeness

    The industry of your business usually also defines your elbow room. Our experts compile the ideal mix of content for full coverage.

  • Perfection in illustrations

    A group of words is only efficient if there is an idea, logic, and meaning behind it. Our content is characterized not only by efficiency but also by readability.


It is more and more difficult to get the attention of customers and partners with an average message, press release, or cut-and-paste website content. A typical mistake is that many think of content production only as an element of secondary importance. “Let me have a modern website and then we will take the text from somewhere else!”, “Let me write a quick company presentation, it will be fine!”

Good content is more complex than that. Good content evolves during audits and while building strategy and then it blooms alongside updated business objectives and SEO requirements. The basis of successful communication is the fusion and understanding of words, sentences, and messages for every target group. Whether we show these messages in a PR article, in a LinkedIn post, or in a series of short movies, it is defined by possibilities originating in your business activity.

In every case, our goal is to create or use the unique tone of your business, to fill it with relevant and useful content, to formulate it according to the appropriate communication method, and to personalize it depending on target groups.

From “A” to “Z”.

Text writers, journalists, content specialists, and social gurus in one place.
  • Services 1

    • Website content
    • Social media
    • Company presentations
  • Services 2

    • General text writing
    • PR and press articles
    • Scripts

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Website content

Your website is going to be perfect if it can compete with competitors both from a technical and search engine optimization aspect at the same time, while it catches readers with relevant content. Usually, a visitor decides in 60-90 seconds if the content of a website is interesting or irrelevant; therefore, we always produce a clear and concise web copy.

Social media

Today, it is not a question anymore if one should make their presence known on social media. It is important in building confidence in your brand, but it is more and more important also in order to acquire and retain a workforce. Our team consisting of social gurus works on the production of high-quality content every day, so that communication across all platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Google MyBusiness) happens. We closely collaborate with our graphic team to create captivating images and text. Your social media advertisements are also safe with us because we always support your campaigns with messages in line with current market trends.

Company presentations

In conducting daily business, you will often come across new customers to whom you have to present your values, creed, and goals. Our team of experts trained in the multinational and SME sector assists you with all necessary communication and high-quality visuals to help you close your deals and handle your customer relations successfully.

General copywriting

Not every company needs documentary movies, but in some industries, this means one of the possible ways of breaking out. The aim of our award-winning colleagues is always to reach the highest quality possible, both from an aesthetic and content-related aspect.

PR and press articles

Would you like to make an appearance in the most prestigious magazines, online platforms, or the radio? You will need efficient and precise messages, while paying attention also to character limitations and other formal requirements. We guarantee profitable PR campaigns with our colleagues who have several years of experience in PR and journalism.


We love films. Whether it is short videos, image- or documentary movies, we handle your video materials with high priority. Our multi-award-winning colleagues have outstanding experience not only in the production of premium content, but also in managing the path leading there. Try us and experience profitable results!

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Grafika (2)



Complete graphic design tailored to the needs of your company


Make an impact.
Stand out!


A brand image that is uniform and that faithfully reflects your company’s activities is essential in order to get your customers’ attention and to make a good impression. Whether it is the design of your logo, the design of your business card, or the preparation of your presentation, you can count on us!


We help you deliver your brand messages and genuinely represent the brand also during the sales process. We are going to be with you in every step from single-page publications presenting the company to the visual design of complex offers!


The careful visual design of your social media pages, sliders appearing on websites, image materials of digital advertisements and newsletter design in one place? Let us help you!

Print Production

Want a logoed business gifts? Maybe you need rollups for an (online) conference? No problem! From designing flyers to editing trade magazines, you can entrust our team with any custom task!

Graphic services
to all challenges

Brand Image Templates Website Creatives Social Artwork

Be easily identifiable!

Stand out from your competitors, establish a strong emotional connection with your target group – a well-created graphic concept will achieve an effect, and this is exactly our goal.

Full Implementation

We break down the process of graphic design into the same major steps in every case:
  • Services 1

    • Brief
    • Design
  • Services 2

    • Soft proof/digital proof
    • Production

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Ideas, concepts, expectations, visual directions, deadlines, target groups, platforms of appearance…countless of questions that we outline during our very first meeting to make sure that the best possible solution is realized based on the customers’ needs.


In possession of required information, the graphic artist creates the first designs based on previously discussed instructions, thus taking us closer and closer to the final solution. We work in close cooperation all along, making sure that every wish is realized.

Soft proof/digital proof

The final creative is created on the basis of a plan modified, accepted, and approved by the customer. Digital proof is the print presenting the final product that we create for offline products. The customer can check the colors in this to make sure we avoid subsequent misunderstandings. If the soft/digital proof is alright, the next step is the production phase.


With regards to production, depending on the goal, we differentiate between online and offline end-use. The file to be delivered is created according to respective parameters.

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Weboldalkészítés (2)



Websites supporting sales that
serve our customers’ interests.


From simple solutions to really daring ones.


If your business does not have a website yet, or if you wish to create a separate website for a new business division, or if your old website is obsolete, we can help you with the design and implementation from the very basics.


If your old website is technically suitable, and if you feel that you do not get the expected contacts or purchases, we will help you transform the website to bring out the most of it.

Full integration even for those with more complex needs.

Webshop Contacts module Automation ERP systems Reservation system


Simple conventional solutions often fail to live up to expectations, causing resources spent on online presence only to operate with less efficiency. Of course, it happens that the simple solution is the best, but it is worth knowing that we are not restricted.
A good website means not only a presence in the online space. It must be in harmony with the brand, the brand image, and with sales objectives.
Monika Török
  • Increasing the efficiency of digital campaigns

    A well-built, well-structured website with good copy reduces campaign costs and increases sales volume in the long term.

  • Increasing organic results

    Your website needs to be both technically and content-wise right for search engines to find your site relevant.

  • Safe IT background

    A modern server affects everything from user experience to cyber-security, to SEO.


A good website reduces campaign costs and increases sales volume in the long term.

A website is also an investment where the aim is to generate return. In addition to making our business available in the digital space, we must not forget that it makes sense only if it generates profit. Simple conventional solutions often fail to live up to expectations, causing resources spent on online presence only to operate with less efficiency. So, the aim is to have our campaigns convert, bring new customers, to make Google prefer our advertisements, and to make it show our websites among the first results during a web search. It is also important that the content of the website captures visitors’ attention and that they understand your message as soon as possible so that they buy instead of clicking away.

So, the main points are a user-friendly website, good search engine optimization, the transmission of messages to prospective customers, well-written advertisements, and generally, a meaningful, nice, fast website with working functions.

Full Implementation

A whole team is working on your website.
  • Services 1

    • UX/UI design
    • Graphic works
    • Text writing
  • Services 2

    • Development
    • Search engine optimization
    • Project management

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UX/UI design

We design the page layouts and web functions so that they support customer acquisition and sales across any mobile device or computer.

Graphic design

We design in accordance with today’s trends and your brand image so that the appearance of your website is pleasant to your target group, including colors and illustrations.


We draft the text from a branding perspective to ensure that the brand message is clear and stylistically correct.


We can implement what we have planned. It is important to make sure that your website’s user experience is seamless and accurate both on paper and online.

Search engine optimization

We design the background information and visible texts of your website in favor of organic searches to make them actually relevant and to make you appear above your competitors.

Project management

During a website project, a dedicated professional project manager is handling your website. This way, we make sure that everything is completed efficiently and you are not left without information.

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Stratégia (2)



We create your complete marketing strategy personalized to
your needs and objectives as we work together to reach your goals.


The most important channels and tools for your strategy


AdWords, PPC, social media advertisements...you are in the right place. With the help of our carefully designed digital campaigns, we help you reach the business goals you have determined and set.


The production and publication of high-quality and diverse content complying with today’s digital requirements contribute to building your brand and increasing your web traffic. By creating a proper content marketing strategy you are investing in your business’s long-term growth.


Using traditional and new-wave PR tools, we help you build and maintain your business’s reputation in the press.

Strategy that stands its ground.

Situation analysis Competition analysis Vision Marketing mix Starter pistol


Your Marketing Strategy is a core document, a precise plan that defines steps required to reach your specific business goals. This summary aids your company in reaching your target market and converting prospects into sales.
Even the best leaders can bring out the best in their team only by following a precisely designated path.
Monika Török
  • Market research for clear vision

    With the help of strategy-related market research, you will have deep knowledge of your target market.
  • A compass that generates profit

    Well-designed and well-implemented steps have good results that all in all mean extra profit to you.

  • Help for renewal

    Whether it is a new service of yours or the renewal of one of your old products, you will always know what the next step is.


A complex marketing strategy is a fundamental condition for the more successful presence and operation of a company.

Answering the questions of: “where from”, “where to”, and “how” is the factor that helps appropriately allocate resources to be efficient in reaching your goals.

Several factors need to be considered during the creation of a strategy, and extensive market-research and knowledge are required for its establishment. With the help of MERAKI’s professional team, we help you outline the path leading to success, and we show you how you can acquire, keep, and encourage your target group to convert.

Full Implementation

Our designers make sure that every
activity assists you in reaching pre-set goals.
  • Services 1

    • Goals
    • Situation analysis
    • Target group
    • Value proposition
  • Services 2

    • Competitors
    • Channels and tools
    • Metrics
    • Budget

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Setting fundamental objectives is the most important part of creating your plan, meaning that we define what we would like to reach.

Situation analysis

During situation analysis, we map the external and internal status of the company, getting to know the possibilities available and risks that need to be faced.

Target group

A cornerstone of marketing strategy is the target group, namely who is targeted with a specific product or service. This way, you can pay attention only to those who matter.

Value proposition

We define the value that you create for customers, so that your messages clearly represent that.


Your relation to your competitors is an essential part of the strategy. There are positive and negative examples. You can learn from each one.

Channels and tools

With regards to channels and tools, it is always important to consider how to optimize your resources so they do not fritter away.


Instead of figures not having a business value, we focus on data representing real value.


Clarifying and enumerating the financial perspective is essential so that you can get the best solution to the extent possible.

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Audit (2)



A 360° marketing audit to see what is working
and what you can improve.


Measuring your brand presence


Your website is your primary marketing tool, this is the alpha and omega, everything is built onto this in the digital space. With this in mind, we handle your website audit with high priority. Our goal is to identify critical steps that can help you improve your results in the short, medium, and long term.


Are you using multiple social media platforms? Are you clueless on what, when and how you should post on which platform? We examine your current communication, and make recommendations concerning some default settings, design elements, and content that you probably have not thought of. We always keep what is good, however, there is always room for development.

SEO audit

The most beautiful and most structured websites in the world are worth nothing if no one can find them. They need to be compliant with the SEO requirements of the modern digital world in order to be at the top of search engine pages. In Hungary, outstanding professionals analyze your SEO rankings and measure them against your competitors to create an actionable plan with measurable results.


The successful communication of your company is a complex system that relies on many separate parts that work together simultaneously. However, the smallest error or a malfunctioning part can ruin the whole thing in a few minutes. Our professionals rely on their decades of experience and skill to review your whole marketing and communication process to identify and improve your channels of communication and overall strategy.

The definition of every new direction begins with a starting point

Situation analysis Dialogue Identifying problems Recommendations Back test

We find the right way

In today’s digital space, there is increasing competition to reach buyers or clients. The gap between success and failure becomes smaller and smaller, and one step in the right direction can even result in a significant increase in income. But we have some bad news! At a certain level, unlimited advertising resources do not provide a solution for stagnated growth. Outstanding results can be achieved only if we utilize the synergy between an SEO-optimized website that has great content and seamless user experience, and the closely related social and marketing channels.
  • Stringency for accuracy

    The purpose of the audit is always progress, but sometimes rigorous honesty is also needed for this.
  • Completeness for precision

    We conduct audits in several fields at the same time as our goal is to create synergy

  • Recommendation for correct operation

    The goal of the audit is to identify the most important tasks, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.


The main goal of the marketing audit is to reveal the efficiency of a company’s existing marketing strategy.

We have to identify its technical or content-related shortcomings, as well as to map possible directions of development and tasks to be completed urgently.

During a comprehensive marketing audit, we examine the previous and current marketing activities of your customers, we analyze the technical and SEO status of websites with the most up-to-date tools, while our professional social media and copywriter team checks the quality of related platforms.

Marketing audit is typically suitable also to identify existing or potential problems that none of the concerned parties have thought of at the beginning of the process. Generally, it can be stated that sales- or logistics-related difficulties of a company have a direct connection with the malfunction of the central website or communication.

We conduct a complete marketing audit with every new client of ours as a mandatory on boarding step, however, it is also recommended for our existing partners to have an annual audit as well.

Full Implementation

Strict checking for easy working.

  • Services 1

    • Website audit
    • Social audit
    • SEO audit
  • Services 2

    • Communication audit
    • PPC audit

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Website audit

With more than 10 different digital measuring devices, we map the technical capabilities of a website. In tandem with our development team, we identify and determine necessary changes in the order of urgent, optimal, and ideal ones.

Social audit

Our social team reviews recent live content and assesses the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of each social media platform as it pertains to your business.

SEO audit

We do world-class SEO research to assess your brand’s presence in the digital space. We then compare and contrast it to your competitors’ digital reach.

Communication audit

Our marketing consultants review the entire marketing and communication process, ensuring that strategic objectives are met over time and that communication channels are of the right quality, language, and functionality.

PPC audit

We'll scan your advertising accounts against the latest technical criteria to identify gaps, identify problems, and map strengths.

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Szolgáltatások (2)




Integrated marketing is an extremely complex, creative process involving multiple platforms. When all components operate simultaneously across all platforms, integrated marketing is extremely profitable.

Complete Marketing

  • Auditing

    We assess your digital and traditional brand presence with a marketing audit of 360° to allow you to see where we need to implement changes.

  • Strategy

    We customize and execute a complete marketing strategy tailored to your needs to help you achieve the best return on your investment.

  • Website Creation

    We create user-friendly websites ranging from simple one-pagers to complex webpages to support and facilitate your sales processes.

  • Graphic Design

    We produce and tailor graphic design that are indispensable to your business objectives.

  • Content Marketing

    We tell the right people in the right way who you are using our target-group-specific communication support. We call this content from “A” to “Z”.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We drive traffic to your website and get ahead of competitors by making you the first result in search engines.

  • Digital Campaigns

    We implement the media plan and campaign that fits best with your goals so that you efficiently achieve your objectives.

  • Video Marketing

    We produce colorful and informative video content for external or internal brand related communication.

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