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Evolution Consulting Ltd.

The client

HRmaster magazine case study

Time period

2019 - present day

Their story

  • Evolution Consulting Ltd. was founded in 2007 with the aim to enter the HR software market with innovative solutions with its HRmaster product. The small company of nearly 20 employees offers solutions tailored to the individual needs of its customers. Last year, their net annual turnover exceeded half a billion HUF.

    The software offers a digital, automatable solution for the entire workflow of labour and personnel tasks. Its 20 modules can be freely combined with each other or even with other systems.

The cooperation

Since 2019, Meraki Marketing has been responsible for HRmaster's marketing communications.
"It's always a pleasure to support the growth of a Hungarian company whose innovation and open-minded approach allows us to soar together. We feel the responsibility, but also the opportunity and the success." – said Monika Törökné Nagy, founder of Meraki.

The challenge

It is important for Evolution Consulting that as many professionals as possible from the target group get to know its software. One of the ways to do this is to build a professional community with relevant content for them - so we wanted to find another way to further highlight HRmaster's authenticity, commitment and expertise in HR.

"I expected and still expect my agency to achieve a more creative look than our competitors. What we are used to is not enough, we need more - that's why I trust Meraki."

The idea

As a regular reader of the national press, we have noticed that there is a clearly identifiable gap in the marketing communications field. On the one hand, there is relatively little information available on HR Tech, HRmaster's own category, and on the other hand, there is a lack of a readable, magazine-like approach to content that offers readers innovative, useful and entertaining articles.

So we created HRmaster Magazine, with the mission to:


Present important trends in HR and less familiar topics in an easily digestible and readable way.


Give an insight into the lives of HR professionals in your country through interviews and case studies.


Provide varied and colourful content, while at the same time providing a clear column structure to help readers stay informed.

The free quarterly magazine, which is almost 40 pages long and has a dedicated section on the HRmaster website, will be published quarterly with 20 different columns in a new issue starting in spring 2021.

As Monika Török puts it: "This is not the first time Meraki has produced a B2B brand magazine. However, in the case of HRmaster Magazine, we took over the entire process: from coming up with the themes, writing the articles and designing the entire look and feel. That's why we are particularly proud of the product, which was created in close collaboration with the client."

HRmaster magazines:

Special edition of HRmaster magazine

In 2021, we wanted to reinforce HRmaster's positioning as the "home-grown HR Tech leader". As a first step, we produced a special HRmasterMagazine. Innovation in the field of HR Tech is extremely important, so we chose this value as our focus. Our aim was to identify and present, in the form of case studies, what we consider to be the most innovative HR practices in the country and the professionals behind them. The publication, which is still unique in Hungary, was completed in spring 2022. The most diverse HR innovations in Hungary are presented in three areas (organisational, human and digital innovation).

The results

HRmaster Magazine has been read more than 27 500 times

  • The growth rate between the first and the last number is 2400%, i.e. 24 times more people looked at the last number than the first.
  • In April 2022, we saw a 600% increase in readers compared to the same period last year.
  • The average time spent on increased by 22% in April 2022 compared to April of the previous year.

„Példaértékű együttműködésben, bátran mondhatom, hogy valami egészen újat és minőségit hoztunk létre. Az olvasottsági adatokból, a visszajelzésekből világosan kitűnik, hogy a célunkat elértük – és megyünk tovább ezen az úton.”


Meraki has proven its commitment to smooth working and results in many areas. Firstly, the agency came up with the concept for the magazine in a very short time, and a partnership working style was quickly established during joint editorial meetings. The agency's content and graphic design staff, who were well versed in HR issues, took on the task with great commitment and created a brand magazine for HR in this country that had never existed before and was a visionary magazine for the future.