What should I call you, streaming service provider?

2021. 07. 04. |  Meraki Marketing

During the 2020 Big World Quarantine, not only yeast producers, but digital service providing companies have also made a huge profit. A typical example of this is streaming service providers that strengthened further after the closing of movie theaters. From the aspect of marketing, it is worth taking a quick look at how they named themselves and what tactics they used for this very important step of branding.


The company founded in 1997 and not related to any studios comes from the DVD-era. Its name is a brand of their own that cannot be connected to anything else, it is short and refers to technology at the same time, and even the “x” ending sounds pretty good.


Since this service provider is the expansion of an existing product, its name is also an extension. The word ‘MAX’ contains the same number of letters (three) as the “big” brand, and it advertises the interpretation of maximum and maximization without a great fanfare.

Disney Plus

Similar to the previous one, an already existing, and – in the consumers’ feelings – an extremely strong brand has received a suffix in this case. ‘Plus’ is a logical and easily understandable choice: in addition to the usual Disney-offering, new and exclusive content is available here.

CBS All Access

In case of this service provider, they sought to create a descriptive name. The product advantage – All Access, that is full access – is not too witty but easy to understand.

Amazon Prime Video

This is a very remarkable naming. First, there was Amazon, which has become a brand name known worldwide: this is the company that delivers everything. Then in addition to this, the Prime service has been introduced, which hit hard heavyweight competitors like Walmart (same-day-delivery is relevant primarily in the US). ‘Video’ is only a self-evident addition, so all three words have become a phrase delivering a message together – and they are even stronger together.


Similar to Netflix, it started as a company independent from studios, but the service provider that has not been able to grow big still uses its original name. By the way, Hulu is the property of The Walt Disney Company, but clearly, this did not affect the name. One of the sub-brands of Hulu is Hulu + Live TV, which seems to be a name longer than necessary at first.


This is the odd one out in the list, or the peacock more precisely because the word refers to the bird. The owner refers to the former, well-known logo of NBC Universal with this. It is a brave decision because one has to spend a lot on new brand names if it is not clear what they refer to.

Apple TV Plus

One of the strongest brand of the world, plus a PLUS? More than enough.


So, there are many ways to create a brand name.

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